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25/50 Favorite Pictures of my King, Hugh Laurie
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stella1999gr replied to your post: 

I did! I have a picture with him and everything. He’s a real delight, and he’ll meet everybody after the show if you wait for him long enough. Waited for three hours. Beware, though, I was there until 1:30am!

Tuesday, August 5th
bezdomnyi - AAHH I can't believe I just found your awesome blog now! Love Hugh Laurie and House<3

Very late but thank you oxox

Tuesday, August 5th

I met Hugh Laurie when he came to Vancouver in May, it was a delight. 

Tuesday, August 5th

Re-watching House ’cause why not, right?
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hi friends i am alive

Sunday, February 23rd
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some fun tidbits about stuff that happened on the house set over the years

  • when they first met hugh thought lisa and rsl were married
  • hugh once made the mistake of asking for cookies to eat during a scene and they ended up doing the scene several times and he ended up eating 60 cookies
  • lisa…
Friday, December 27th